Coconut Kombucha
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Coconut Kombucha

Enjoy the Heat & Stay Hydrated

I a bit of a wimp when it comes to heat. So my new routine of hitting the 7 am hot yoga class is taking a toll on me. If I don’t rehydrate enough after class I get a headache creeping in mid-afternoon and become completely worthless by the evening.

Coconut kombucha does the trick. After hot yoga, or spending time in the sun, drinking a glass of coconut kombucha keeps my head clear and my energy levels up. It’s just plain kombucha fermented super strong that I then mix with half coconut water. The sweetness of the coconut water mellows out the tangy kombucha making a perfect blend of sweet and crisp. I think it works because coconut water is also a great rehydrator for the body, with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals plus it has just a touch of caffeine from the kombucha to help keep your energy going.

I make up a batch once a week, storing it in my fridge in glass bottles. I pack it when we go away to the cottage for the weekend, and it helps beat the heat and while also being something to sip instead of alcohol.

No recipe needed; here’s how I make coconut kombucha:

I mix together half plain kombucha and half coconut water.

I make my own kombucha, and I let it ferment for about 2-3 weeks so it’s strong and tangy. If you want to learn how to make kombucha, check out my post here

You can also look for unflavored kombucha at the store, but I find that it’s often too sweet.

I use the coconut water that is not from concentrate and is 100% pure coconut water. Read the labels, it’s common for manufacturers to add sugar or flavorings to the coconut water which is fine if you want it sweet, but not so fine if you’re looking to cut back on your sugar intake. Or, if you have the tools and the pluck, you can also harvest your own coconut water from a whole coconut!

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