Dear Toronto, Let’s Start a Cookbook Club
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Dear Toronto, Let’s Start a Cookbook Club

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Bon Appetit is starting a monthly Cookbook Club! At the start of each month, the editors at Bon Appetit magazine will announce their pick for that month’s cookbook along with an excited explanation of why they are jazzed about the book (and why you should be too). To kick things off, Season by Nik Sharma will be the cookbook for October and I’ve already gone ahead and ordered my copy on Amazon. 

I love to get wrapped up in a good cookbook, which is evidenced by my library queue which reads like a nomination list for James Beard awards. I know that I can’t be the only one in this city that gets antsy paging through a new cookbook before bed; only to lay awake thinking about how best to plate the dishes. Good cookbooks are subdued in their minute attention to detail and the beauty of the dishes. They can also be exciting in the tell-all explanations of how to pull off something extraordinary, making your palms itch for a chefs knife. I know that there are many people in this city that are just as obsessed about cookbooks as me, and I think we could get some magic happening if we all came together to celebrate good cooking each month. So I am launching a Toronto Cookbook Club that will follow along with Bon Appetit magazine’s recommendations.

We will meet at the end of each month to share dishes from that month’s Bon Appetit cookbook pick and swap kitchen stories & recipes.

Bring a dish, and a drink to share. The exact date will be determined by this Doodle poll. The time will be in the evenings if during the week, and mid-afternoon if during the weekend. The location will be wherever we can find a kitchen space in the downtown area (most likely a community center unless someone has space to host).

All are welcome!

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