Fermented Beet Kvass Vinegrette
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Fermented Beet Kvass Vinegrette


I am very excited to announce the launch of Kvlture Ferments! We are making and selling a line of fermented salad dressings that are made with beet kvass. Beet kvass is made by chopping up beets and letting them naturally ferment in a salt brine. The sugars in the beets provide food for the lacto bacteria and the brine becomes a deep red color with a salty earthy flavour that is a perfect foundation to build a vinaigrette!

Kvlture Ferments started as a student product design competition at Ryerson University. We were all studying nutrition at the time, and wanted to create a product that was healthy, clean label and used local ingredients. As nutrition students, we all realized how difficult it was to find a high-quality salad dressing that wasn’t full of sugars, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. We all were making our vinaigrettes from scratch each time we ate salads (which is often!) and decided to make a dressing that would not only taste good but also enhance the nutrition of the vegetables.

All of our dressings are made without any sugars or sweeteners. They are vegan, and perfect for keto or paleo eaters looking to cut out sugars and preservatives. We use top quality cold expeller pressed organic olive oil from Ontario, Canada. Cold pressing organic canola oil creates a much different oil quality that conventional (refined) canola oil. If you aren’t familiar with the process of cold pressing, it simply means that the oil was made with a mechanical press, just like how traditional olive oil is made. Most conventional (refined) canola oil is made using high heat and chemicals which can create free radicals and destroys most of the healthy omega 3’s. Our cold pressed oil has an amazing ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids and an excellent distribution of saturated fatty acids to mono/poly unsaturated fatty acids that rivals olive oils.

We currently are making five different flavors of Kvlture. Our original, Beet Bliss, is a peppery, tangy vinaigrette. The Garden Garlic is made with both roasted and fresh garlic which is very popular with garlic lovers. The Beets n’ Balsamic is our top seller, and is made with organic four year aged Italian balsamic giving it a rich, deep taste. Recently, we launched Mello Miso and Totally Tahini which are currently selling out rapidly at our markets.



Come try our dressings at Evergreen Brickworks! We will be at the Saturday Farmers Markets the following days for 2018 from 8-1 pm:

July 21st

August 18th

September 1st

September 15th

September 29th

October 13th

October 27th

Check us out at kvlture.ca and on Instagram kvlture.ca



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