Gift List for Your Favorite Home Cook
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Gift List for Your Favorite Home Cook

I love to give gifts that encourage healthy habits while also being a perfect match for their interests. This gift list is great for anyone on your list that might be looking to spend more time in the kitchen experimenting and having fun!

Antique Carving Set

Go for luxury and lavish by splurging on a perfect carving set. Sure, they are only used a few times a year, but they add a special theatric to meals, elevating a roast to the next level without adding more work for the cook. Make sure to get a sharpening stone to help your cook keep their carving set in top-notch condition.

Find It: Browse your local antique shop, or scroll around on Etsy, eBay or EBTH for something out of the ordinary.


Square Ladle

Square ladles are the best for getting into the corners of your pot, scraping up those last little bits. Bonus: square ladles make it easy to pour and serve! But they are hard to find, making this gift extra thoughtful without breaking the bank!

Find It: Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s  ($15.99)

Small Wire Whisk

These handy little whisks are perfect for all sorts of jobs around the kitchen, especially those that seem too small for a big balloon whisk. Great for gravies, or whipping up a sauce for dinner, or making scrambled eggs.

Find It: Flea markets and garage sales, or on Amazon ($4.99)

Fish Spatula

The perfect spatula for literally every job. This spatula is flexible and easy to maneuver. Great for cookies, pancakes, burgers, and fritters!
Find It: William Sonoma or Amazon ($9)

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are one of those appliances that most home cooks believe they can live without. But they are great for making creamy soups, mayonnaise and just about anything. It’s great for all those tasks that seem too small or too much work for a countertop blender.

Find It: Look for the Breville BSB510XL ($90 on Amazon)


All-Clad skillet

If your loved one is still frying up on a flimsy skillet, give them something that they can rely on for years to come.
Find It: Amazon ($99)

Reusable Food Bags

Give an instant upgrade for their lunches and leftovers, while doing something good for the environment.

Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food By Nik Sharma

My favorite cookbook from 2018, it’s filled with inspiring, but attainable and realistic recipes that challenge you to look at spices in a new way.
Find It: Amazon ($28)

Hand Turned Wood Bowl

Beautiful and practical, a good serving bowl makes a statement, while allowing your loved one’s food to shine.
Find It: Amazon ($170) or if you’re in Toronto, check out Harborfront Centre’s Shop which has bowls made from local craftsmen


Help spare their favorite clothes, and get them this lux apron. This last one made it onto my list this year because I am tired of getting bacon grease splattered on my tops. Love this apron for its cross back ties and simple design.
Find It: Etsy ($50)
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