Going Keto: Day 5 Update
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Going Keto: Day 5 Update

Headaches, hunger, fatigue. Am I doing this right?

Days One and Two went by just fine. I was feeling good, had lots of energy and felt focused. I was still hungry, which I combated with a gluttony of fat bombs. I’ve decided not to restrict calories, and instead letting myself eat until I feel satisfied.

Since day two, I’ve had less energy and feelings of fatigue. One day three, I went to a dentist appointment, and promptly developed a massive headache that lasted for the entire day. My period also started the same time that I started keto, so it’s hard for me to tell what is being cause by my hormones, and what is a result of being keto.

My fatigue has drained all motivation from me to track my food using an app. Everything I eat is pretty much made from scratch, so putting in entire recipes seems like a herculean task. I am not going to stress myself out about this, we all have enough difficult tasks to accomplish each day, adding in every food I eat is not going to happen this week and that is ok.

Reading other people’s experiences with keto you hear a lot of claims about how they no longer feel hungry. This has not been my experience. I have been clocking through the fat bombs in between my planned meals. I am hungry. And each fat bomb seems like a drop in the bucket. I am hoping that this next week I’ll start feeling less hungry.

It’s a bigger change that I was expecting. I am surprised at how much I miss eating yogurt and cheese. I am also shocked by how hard it is for me to add copious amounts of fats into my diet. I thought that would be simple, since I’ve always embraced using lots of high quality fats in my cooking. Hoping that my next update will be more positive and I’ll have more energy and maybe a new recipe to share!

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