Going Keto: Day 1
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Going Keto: Day 1

    Always the procrastinator, I left cleaning and preparing for keto until the last possible second.

Every diet book that I’ve read always tells you to start preparing weeks out and I never listen. Every diet book also tells you to go through your cupboards and pantry and toss everything that doesn’t fit into the new diet. I personally hate throwing out food, and think it is wasteful.

Donating any unopened food to a food bank is a great way to get tempting food out of your house. But the food bank does not want my half eaten bag of plantain chips, or my opened box of baker’s chocolate. Instead, I’m packing up all tempting food and sending it off with my husband to his office. He is always needing snacks at the office, and since he is only eating keto when he is at home with me, it makes sense to have him take the food. It works out for everyone: he’s happy to have all the snacks at the office and I’m getting all temptation out of my sight.

I once asked a good friend how her new keto diet was going. She said it was fine as long as she had enough fat bombs. So I’m making fat bombs. It seems that the unanimous opinion about the hardship of starting keto is adjusting to just how much fat you have to add to your diet. From what I have been told, fat bombs are clutch for adding fat and calories into your diet as you adjust your eating on keto. I’m making two separate batches so I have no excuse the next few days.

Planning. I’ve making edits to Leanne Vogel’s keto meal plans in her book The Keto Diet to adjust for my food preferences. Edit such as swapping out chicken for fish, or rearranging the lunches and dinners so I can pack a lunch for work. I’m also seeing what items I need to buy at the store and getting a comprehensive list together for next three weeks. I’m always putting together a list of meals to make to freeze. I love having an emergency lunch/dinner always on hand just needing to be heated up.

Finally, I’ve doing the not so fun part of documentation. I went to my gym and weighed myself since we don’t own a scale at home. Rummeraging around I was able to find my sewing tape measure which I used to measure my waist, hip, arms, and booty circumferences. Finally, I asked my husband to take some before and after photos of me in my bikki that I typically avoid wearing wherever a camera maybe present. I am hoping that eating keto after a few months will help me shed some fat and stop feeling so bloated. Documenting the changes will help give me motivation, and it’s always great to have benchmarks to help compare things to!

Overall thoughts from the day:

  • MCT oil blended with black tea made me feel super focused, but also lightheaded a tad
  • I am addicted to cheese.
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