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Hi, I’m Ellen

I’m an avid home cook, bookworm, and will never say no to a cinnamon roll.

I often binge-watch Bon Appetit’s videos on YouTube, and I always have a stack of borrowed cookbooks from the library on my coffee table. I keep a running list of ideas for my next food company.

My cooking inspiration starts with the hunt for ingredients. I love checking out new grocery stores, gourmet food shops, and farmers markets, often buying things that look good, without a recipe or plan in mind.

My recipes lean towards paleo, with a focus on in-season vegetables and sustainably raised meats. I tolerate dairy well, so you’ll often see yogurts and cheeses many of my dishes. I also sometimes include non-gluten grains such as sorghum and rice into my cooking, but only on occasion.

I’m Midwest grown, but I spent most of my 20’s living on the west coast. Now I’m living in Toronto with my husband, but still dreaming of returning to the coast someday. In Toronto, I work as a purchaser for health food stores, a job that I love.

About me