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Hi, I’m Ellen

I’m an avid home cook, bookworm, and will never say no to a cinnamon roll.



When I’m not exhausted from running after my toddler, I love to spend my evenings flipping through a stack of borrowed cookbooks from the library. Unless it’s Saturday night and SNL is on. Then you can find me curled up with my husband scarfing down stove top popcorn.



I’m a freak about grocery stores. I love checking out new ones. Really, it’s a blast for me. One of my favourite parts of traveling is going to a new grocery store. To me, a (good) grocery store is a representation of how people actually cook and eat at home. It’s a little glimpse into how people in that area eat and live everyday.



My recipes lean towards paleo, with a focus on in-season vegetables and sustainably raised meats. I tolerate dairy well, so you’ll often see yogurts and cheeses many of my dishes. I also sometimes include non-gluten grains such as sorghum and rice into my cooking, but only on occasion.



I’m a Midwest boomerang, I spent most of my 20’s living on the west coast with several years spent in downtown Toronto, but now I’m back in Midwest again.

About me