Going Keto: Day 7 Update
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Going Keto: Day 7 Update

Still not convinced that this is the best diet for myself. Midafternoon slumps and headaches haven’t been happening, but I still find myself very hungry throughout the day. Running out of my supply of fat bombs, I spent the morning make more keto snacks to keep myself on track with the diet. Flipping through Leanne Vogel’s book, The Keto Diet, I picked out a couple recipes that I thought sounded good and might travel well since we will be going up north to the cottage this weekend.


Leanne Vogel’s No-Nuts Granola with Clusters

Leanne’s No-Nuts Granola with Clusters was super easy to throw together and roast in the oven. I used the convection setting on my oven and I only needed to bake the granola for half the recommended time. I love how crispy and light the granola turned out, now I just wish that I had some coconut yogurt to eat it with…

Next up was the Flaxseed Cinnamon Bun Muffins that wayyyy over promise with their name. These keto “muffins” are surprisingly good for mainly being flax meal with a bit of egg and baking powder for leavening. Not to be mistaken for a traditional cinnamon bun from your local baker, the only redeeming quality of these muffins is that they are a great vessel for getting lots of butter into your mouth. I broke my no dairy rule and sliced off a meaty slab of cultured butter to make a butter sandwich with these muffins.

Finally, in an act of desperation, I tried to make a keto friendly chocolate. I watched a few videos on youtube and thought “hey I could do that easy peasy” and then proceeded to make a monster of out of my favorite food in the whole world. I went awry when I added stevia, and then continued to dig myself in deeper by adding more, and then some salt, and finally to make it worse, I added more cocoa powder. Never one to give up hope, I poured my monster out onto parchment lined sheet pans and proceeded to french it up with various concoctions of nuts, coconut shreds, and cocoa nibs. Fingers crossed that the topping will overpower the stevia and it’ll turn out to be edible.


Keto Chocolate… that’s a thing right?




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